Causes of Back Pain or 5 Ways to Get Rid of Pain

back pain exercises

Which building looks the best? Certainly one that is taken care of, maintained, repaired. A residential or office building will look solid and attractive if the building facades are cleaned regularly. At the same time, the cost of washing the facades is offset by the favorable appearance of the building, which is literally pleasing to the eye.

The same applies to human health, which is based on a healthy spine.

Sew, hurt, tire, pull . . . All these jarring epithets about back pain. And if it hurts, say, a cut on your finger hurts. But no, back pain makes it difficult to move, think, live a full life. No movement helps anymore: not the banal exercise of the desk, not just walking down the narrow corridor of the office.

Back pain, if, of course, they are not caused by a serious pathology: trauma, fractures, chronic diseases of Organs internal organs - are the result of three disorders. As the physical activity of a person living in a modern city is limited (if any), people over the age of 25 begin to experience back pain.

The permanent sedentary lifestyle, the lack of walking around the city, traveling exclusively in your own car, unhealthy food, resting on the couch make potentially healthy young people suffer from osteochondrosis, buy powerful painkillers bought on their own at a pharmacy, keep destroying your body.

The causes of back pain are obvious - overweight and a sedentary lifestyle. We often allow the disease to develop through our inaction and go to the doctor only when mountains of steroids have been drunk, when we are all smeared with healing gel from head to toe.

How can you get rid of the pain that keeps you from living and working fruitfully?

  1. You can get rid of pain in your back muscles with regular exercise, increasing the load on your spine. Just starting to lead a sporty lifestyle should be gradual, not "hurling yourself into the whirlpool" of exercise. This way, you will only harm the fragile body and the muscles from the habit will hurt even more.
  2. If you are suffering from back pain between your shoulder blades, it's time to seek help from a massage therapist. It is advisable to find a manual specialist who will not only scatter the blood throughout the body, but who will be a good diagnostician. Manual therapy will be performed according to the location of the muscle mass, the presence of fat deposits, the location of the vertebrae or any other changes that are noticeable to the specialist. Also, your doctor should advise you on what exercises to do so that everything is in order with your back. It is advisable to take manual therapy courses at least twice a year: in spring and autumn, anticipating the period of exacerbations.
  3. A back pain ointment can provide temporary relief. But that's not a panacea, it's just a way to make the pain less intense. Therefore, it is better to use the ointment in exceptional cases as well as pain relievers. In fact, in this case, the cause of the disease is not eliminated, but only the consequence.
  4. Among other things, check with your doctor. There is a set of exercises for back pain. Carry out the prescribed complex completely, without bumps and breaks. Only in this way, in a systematic and constant way, you eliminate muscle weakness.
  5. If you work in an office or work 8 to 10 hours a day sitting down, you run the risk of getting osteochondrosis in the first year of work. Take time to straighten up, lean back in your chair and stretch if possible. Walk along the aisle, make several turns forward, straightening your back, you can do 5 to 7 turns of the body. You'll feel better right away and be back at work with renewed vigor!

Don't wait for the pain to take over, then it will be very difficult to deal with. When you feel discomfort, know that this is your body's first sign, this is a call to action. Hear your body's inner call and - act!