If your back hurts in the lower back: how to treat it and what to do

back pain in a man

Almost everyone over the age of 20 has periods when the back in the lower back is painful. The causes of the condition can be very different. But regardless of why the lower back hurts, treatment is needed. To do this, you must see a doctor and report back pain. Symptoms may be complemented by other signs that indicate the development of the disease.

Back pain is divided into primary and secondary. The primary symptoms indicate degenerative and dystrophic processes in the spine. Causes of the primary syndrome include spondyloarthrosis and osteochondrosis.

The cause of the secondary syndrome can be bone tuberculosis, scoliosis, vertebral fractures, rheumatoid arthritis and others. The peculiarity of secondary signs is that they can appear even as a result of gynecological diseases.

Important!A qualified specialist must establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.

First, you need to understand that you can only deal with lower back pain with an integrated approach. The use of medication alone will not be able to completely prevent the pathological process. To achieve complete recovery, it is necessary to undergo a course of physical therapy procedures. You can increase the effectiveness of therapy using simple popular methods. Exercise therapy is a prerequisite for the treatment of low back pain. Back pain treatment is carried out at home and in the hospital.

drug therapy

With constant and severe back pain, you cannot go without medication. To relieve pain, specialists may prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The analgesic effect can be achieved by taking:

  • pills;
  • injections;
  • ointments.

Muscle relaxants are included in the drug therapy complex. Medicines in this group help relieve spasms in the muscles of the lower back and relieve pain.

When treating back pain, your doctor should prescribe B vitamins, which have an effect on inflammation of the nerve fibers. By taking vitamins, nerve tissue is strengthened.

Observation!Drugs in the NSAID group effectively relieve pain, but they do not prevent the course of the disease.


Pain-causing pathologies of the lower back should be treated with exercise therapy complexes designed specifically for the lower back. Gymnastics includes exercises to relieve muscle tone, strengthen joints, and restore all metabolic processes that are disrupted in damaged tissue. It is recommended to take classes daily. Let's look at some simple exercises:

  1. Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, lean your body to the right, raising your left hand above your head, and repeat the bend in the opposite direction.
  2. In the same position, rotate your body, while your hips should remain still.
  3. Get on all fours, bend your back up while lowering your head. Then return to starting position and do a few more reps.

The first classes are best conducted under the supervision of a specialist to avoid further damage that worsens the patient's condition. Afterwards, you can exercise yourself at home.

gymnastics for back pain

The intensity of the movements should gradually increase. Both movements must be carried out calmly. It is recommended to combine physical therapy exercises with breathing exercises.

Very important!You should not exercise during periods of exacerbation or in the presence of severe pain.


Classic massage, recommended for many spinal disorders, has a positive effect on the condition of injured tissues. But the benefits of massage can only be obtained if it is done correctly. Therefore, you should not do the massage alone or rely on a person who does not have the proper experience.

Wrong actions by the massage therapist can lead to serious violations. Subject to all rules of massage technique, the patient's condition will change after several sessions. The result of the massage course is the normalization of blood circulation, the absence of spasms and pain in the muscles.

back pain massage

Important!Like exercise therapy, massage is not recommended during an exacerbation or in the presence of strong painful sensations.


The reinforcement of the results achieved in fighting low back pain with medications and other methods is carried out with physical therapy procedures. The main task of physical therapy is to prevent the development of degenerative (dystrophic) processes in the spine.

The following procedures are most commonly recommended:

  • laser treatment;
  • magnetotherapy;
  • electrophoresis;
  • ultrasound therapy.

Non-standard physiotherapy methods may also be prescribed:

  • thermal procedures;
  • mud wraps;
  • balneotherapy;
  • paraffin applications.
physiotherapy for back pain

Physical therapy has several contraindications. In this sense, it is not recommended to carry out the treatment without the indication and authorization of a specialist. A complete treatment is required.

Attention!The method of physical therapy is determined by the physician observing the patient, not the patient himself. Physical therapy at home is harmful to health.

alternative medicine

Many people with back pain use alternative medicine. This is not to say that all methods are effective and safe; however, there are therapy methods that actually give a positive result.

Some experts recommend that patients undergo manual procedures and acupuncture. These methods are recognized by traditional medicine. Therapy must be performed by a qualified physician with work experience.

Acupuncture procedures consist of acting on nerve fibers and muscles through special needles. Acupuncture is most often used to treat back pain. Acupuncture can be combined with administering medication or exposing the body to a magnetic field (laser).

manual therapy for back pain

Manual therapy is no less popular for eliminating pathological processes in the spine. The peculiarity of the procedures is that all actions are performed by the hands of a therapist trained in special techniques. The chiropractor is able to correct even the wrong position of the vertebrae or pinch of the nerve fiber. The result of manual therapy is a quick and complete restoration of spinal function and the elimination of pain.

Important!Alternative medicine methods carry many risks, so it is important to make sure there are no contraindications and specialist qualifications.

popular recipes

Treatment with folk remedies is no less popular than medical therapy. But few people know how to treat low back pain at home. There are many recipes, but not all of them are effective.

To reduce pain and inflammation, it is necessary to use plant and animal products that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

chestnut ointment

A positive effect is given by an ointment prepared with the addition of horse chestnut. To make the ointment you need:

  • grated chestnut (100 g);
  • vegetable fat (100 g);
  • camphor oil (10 ml).
chestnut ointment for back pain

All components are mixed and applied to the lower back. It is recommended to do the procedure twice a day until the painful sensations disappear.

Scrubbing with a triple colony

To deal with back pain, you can scrub, which is prepared with the addition of triple cologne. To make friction, you need:

  • Cologne;
  • a bottle of iodine;
  • valerian tincture;
  • dry red pepper.

All these components are combined and held for three days, after which the lower back is rubbed with the resulting mixture. It's best to do the procedure at night.

Important!Before starting treatment with folk remedies, make sure there are no contraindications.

It is much more difficult to treat spinal disorders than to prevent them. With the observance of preventive measures against spinal diseases and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, pain in the lower back may not occur until at least old age.

lower back pain